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Impossible: Chapter Sixteen

Title: Impossible: Chapter Sixteen
Author: gracekwithwings
Rating: M
Fandom: Twilight
Characters/Pairings: Seth Clearwater/OC
Short summary: Liz is forced to move in with her aunt in Forks after her father's death and is determined to not like it until she meets Seth Clearwater. Suddenly, she's pulled into a world of supernatural myths and when a group of super-powered vampires called The Volturi show up, she doesn't think she can make it to her seventeenth birthday alive.

Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I am not making any kind of profit from this.

A/N: I'm back! I'm sorry it's taken me this long to update but saving up for a new laptop has been kind of a bitch. Believe me, these past few computerless months have been hellish. Also, I'm really sorry if the formatting is scewed up. I bought a Mac for the first time and I'm still getting used to it. Anyways, I hope you guys like this chapter! I am actually almost finished with this story since I've been handwriting it while I was without a computer. Now I just have to type it all up, haha. The next chapter is almost ready but I probably won't be able to post it until after Friday because of finals. As always, let me know what you think! :)

A huge thank you goes out to Ledybug for still betaing after all this time.

Chapter Sixteen

I must have eventually fallen asleep in the armchair because I woke up to Emma squeezing me awake. “Aunt Emma, what are you doing?” I asked, my voice slightly muffled by her hair.

“Oh Lizzie,” she said, squeezing me harder. “You don’t have to be scared anymore, okay? I’m having a better alarm system installed first thing Monday morning.”

“Okay..,” I replied, a little fearful that she had finally gone off the deep end.

She held on for an excruciatingly uncomfortable minute before finally pulling away. “Come on,” she said. “I’ll make a big breakfast.”

I held in a groan when I realized that she was going to use the “break-in” as an excuse to bond. I was going to have to get out of the house somehow before she tried to braid my hair, although I didn’t really have any place to go. There was no way I was going to call anyone in La Push, I’m sure the pack’s annoying shared mind had already filled them all in on what happened last night. It would be a while before I could face any of the Quileutes. And there was no way I was going to just wander around Forks again; I was all set against running into any more vampires, even if it was only the animal-drinking Cullens.

I followed Emma into the kitchen and found her making French toast. “So do you have any plans for today?” she asked. I shook my head, feeling more than a little upset that I’d be left alone with all of my thoughts today. She smiled slightly as she turned to the stove. “Well, I can give you a ride to La Push later if you’d like.”

“No!” I said, a little too forcefully. I shouldn’t have acted like I didn’t want to see Seth. Emma wouldn’t be able to let go of it now, but I couldn’t handle being in La Push today. It was clear that Seth didn’t want me in the same way I wanted him and that was a whole lot of rejection that I didn’t want to deal with right now. And that wasn’t even mentioning the complete mortification I’d feel being around the rest of the pack, who probably knew everything that had happened by now. No, I would much rather spend the day locked up in my room.

She turned to look at me. “Did you guys get into another fight?”

“No,” I replied, hoping she wouldn’t catch on to the lie. “No, it’s just… I’ve spent a lot of time with him lately. I kind of wanted to hang out with my friends today.”

She beamed as she turned back to the burning toast. “Good for you! You should hang out with your friends, Seth has been monopolizing a lot of your time lately.”

I rolled my eyes when I knew she wouldn’t see me. Emma was starting to drive me a little crazy. She had pushed me towards him and now she didn’t think I was making enough time for the rest of my friends. She took the blackened bread off the skillet and wrinkled her nose. “Right, that one’s Sophie’s,” I said, trying to hold in my laugh.

The overly large dog, who had been watching Emma as she cooked, stood up at the sound of her named and started wagging her tail. Emma looked between the food and the dog before she threw it in the trash. “That’s not good for the dog,” she muttered.

I couldn’t hold my laugh in this time as I watched her throw another piece of bread into the skillet, splattering bits of egg everywhere. “Do you even know how to make French toast?”

She turned around and gave me a dirty look. “Of course I do.”

I wasn’t so sure about that, though. “Uh… I think I’m just going to have some Frosted Flakes.”

“Suit yourself,” she replied haughtily.

After I had gotten my cereal, I asked, “So, did you find out what they stole?”

“No!” she answered, frustration plain in her voice. “It’s the weirdest thing, like they just kicked the door in and took off!”

“Maybe the alarm scared them off,” I pointed out.

“Oh, wipe that stupid smile off your face,” she said, smiling at me to show that she was joking, as she sat down at the table with me.

“You have to admit, it is kind of funny.”

“No it is not!” she said adamantly. “I can only imagine what would have happened if they had picked a house without an alarm system. Chief Swan wasn’t able to lift any fingerprints off anything so there’s no way to catch whoever it was. That’s why I’m installing security cameras.”

I choked on the flakes I was trying to eat. “What?!”

“Yes,” she said. “They’re putting them in on Monday, along with a DVR to record everything that happens.”

“Don’t you think that’s a little extreme?” I asked. There was no way I could persuade Seth to come back if Emma put those stupid cameras up. I’m pretty sure she would lock me up and make sure I died a virgin if she ever caught him sneaking into my bedroom.

“You can never be too extreme when it comes to neighborhood safety,” she said wisely, turning back to her breakfast.

“Right,” I replied, trying not to roll my eyes at her. Maybe the faux break-in had sent Emma over the edge. She spent the rest of breakfast telling me about the new security system that was being installed, where the cameras were being placed and the corner of the basement where the TV and recorder were going to go.

By the time breakfast was over, I knew I had to find a way to get out of the house before Emma drove me nuts. She was so excited over the increased security but I couldn’t revel in the fact that Seth wouldn’t be able to come in at night anymore, not that he seemed to want to anyways. I grabbed the cordless phone and bought it up to my room, trying to remember Sammy’s number. Luckily for me, it rang the second I closed the door behind me. “Hello?” I asked.

“Liz!” Lydia said. “Are you alright? The whole town’s talking about it! Is it true they didn’t take anything?”

Jesus, how was it that news traveled so fast in this small town? “Yeah, I think the alarm scared them off.”

“Oh my God, are you alright?” she asked again.

“Of course,” I said, getting really annoyed with the fact that people kept asking me that. “It’s not like they took anything.”

“Still,” Lydia pointed out, “they might come back.”

I laughed. “I’m sure Emma will be ready for them if they do.”

I could actually hear her gasp. “She’s not getting a shotgun, is she?”

“Of course not!” I said, although now that I thought about it, I wouldn’t put it past her. “She’s putting security cameras in all around the house.”

“Oh, that’s kind of cool.”

“I guess,” I agreed, even though I wasn’t so sure about that.

“But aren’t you a little freaked out by the thought that someone could like, try to get into your house while you’re there?” she asked.

I decided to change the subject because there was no way I could tell her that the only things I was scared of breaking into the house moved too fast to be picked up by any kind of camera. “Hey, what are you doing today?”

“I think Sammy and I were going to go to that new mall in Port Angeles so we could get our dresses for the winter formal.”

“Can I come?” I asked.

She gasped again, this time in excitement. “Did you finally decide to go to the dance?”

“No,” I said, feeling more than a little disgusted at the thought of it. “I just want to get out of the house, Emma’s going a little overboard with the home security thing.”

I could practically see her pursing her lips in disapproval before she sighed. “Alright, we’ll be there around noon.”

“Thanks, Lyd,” I said.

“And if we happen to find a dress for you, then it’s all for the better!” she said suddenly, and I could tell that she was going to do whatever she could to make me go to that stupid dance.

“No, Lydia –,” I started to say before I heard the dial tone indicating that she had already hung up.

I got ready slowly after that, taking a long hot shower and then actually taking the time to straighten my hair. I moved methodically, keeping my mind occupied so I wouldn’t have to think about Seth. I took my time picking out a pair of dark wash jeans and a black sweater but I still had some time until they’d show up. I decided to use my last resort at keeping my mind off Seth, which was talking to Emma.

She was cleaning the living room but she turned around when she heard me coming down the stairs. “You look nice,” she said, smiling knowingly at me. “So is Seth coming here or will you be going to La Push? Because if you’re going there, I’m going to have to make sure Sue is around to supervise.” The thought of us even doing anything that would require supervision made me wince, which seemed to make her even more suspicious. “Are you sure you guys didn’t get into a fight?”

“Yes, Aunt Emma,” I sighed. Maybe I should have just stayed upstairs, drowning in the sting of Seth’s rejection. “Seth and I are perfectly fine but, you know, thanks for all your concern.”

She narrowed her eyes at me. “You know, Liz, if something’s wrong, you can talk to me about it.”

“Yeah, thanks,” I said, knowing that my inability at seducing Seth was something I would never talk to her about. I decided it would be best if I just changed the subject entirely. “I’m going to go to Port Angeles with Lydia and Sammy, okay?”

“Who’s Sammy?” she asked.

“Samantha Davis,” I said. “She’s in my grade at school.”

Emma nodded and I rolled my eyes. It didn’t surprise me that she knew who she was. “Oh yeah, I know her mother. She works at the bank.” She wrinkled her nose and asked, “Weren’t you just in Port Angeles last night?”

“Yeah, at the movies. They want to go to that new mall in town to get dresses for that winter dance,” I replied.

Her eyes seemed to brighten at that. “That sounds nice.”

I could see where her train of thought was taking her and I decided to squash it before it got too out of hand. “Yeah, I guess. I’m just helping them pick out dresses though.”

“Oh, if you need money to get one for yourself, I could lend you some,” she offered. She walked over to her purse, which she had left by the front door. “How much are they, do you know?”

“No,” I said, looking at her in a mixture of bewilderment and horror. “No, I don’t need a dress.”

“Did you bring one?” she asked in confusion.

“No… I don’t need one because I am not going to the dance.”

“Oh, you should go, Liz,” she said. “You and Seth would have a lot of fun there.”

I exhaled in relief when the doorbell rang then. I didn’t want to have the same conversation with Emma that I had had countless times with Lydia. Somehow, I didn’t think Emma would back off quite as easily as Lydia always did. “Hey,” Lydia said, smiling as soon as I opened the door.

I smiled back. “Hold on, I’ve got to get my coat.” I took a step towards the hallway closet but stopped when I heard Emma clear her throat. “Oh, right,” I said, turning around and noticing her pointed look. “Aunt Emma, this is Lydia. Lydia, this is my Aunt Emma.” I raised an eyebrow at her, clearly hoping she was satisfied with that introduction, before I went to get my coat.

“I’m sorry about what happened,” I heard Lydia say. “Do they have any leads on who it was?”

“No,” Emma replied. “They dusted practically the whole house for fingerprints but didn’t find a single thing. It’s like they just kicked the door in and ran off.”

“Maybe it was just some stupid kids messing around,” Lydia suggested.

“Well, I’ll be ready for them the next time they try to vandalize my house,” Emma answered fiercely.

“Yeah, she’s going to go full Rambo on them,” I joked as I pulled my coat on.

Lydia laughed as Emma rolled her eyes at me. “It was nice meeting you, Mrs. O’Brien,” Lydia said.

Emma smiled. “You too, Lydia.” She pulled something out of her wallet and pressed it into my hand. “In case you change your mind,” she explained.

I tried not to look annoyed at the American Express card in my hand. “Thanks,” I muttered before following Lydia out the door.

“What did she give you?” Lydia asked curiously after she had climbed into the front seat of Sammy’s Jeep. I showed her my aunt’s credit card and she laughed. “See! Even your aunt wants you to go!”

“I’m still not going,” I said defiantly.

Lydia sighed in exasperation. “Why not?” she asked for what felt like the ninety-seventh time.

“Dances are so not my thing,” I explained.

“Yeah, but you don’t have to go the whole poofy dress and corsage route,” Sammy said, ignoring the glare that Lydia sent her. “Honestly, it’s just kind of fun dressing up and going there. I mean, you don’t even have to dance if you don’t want to.”

“Okay, Sammy,” Lydia interjected. “That’s enough. You’re only going to make things worse.”

Sammy laughed. “But I’m serious! I went to Homecoming with Will and we spent the entire time in the corner –”

“Doing things that the school frowns upon,” Lydia interrupted. “Sammy just likes dances because they give her an excuse to lie to her parents about staying at my house so she can spend the night with Will.”

I turned to Sammy and felt a little surprised she had gotten that far in her relationship with Will. “What?” she asked. “Is there something wrong with wanting to be alone with my boyfriend?”

“Of course not.” Lydia turned to the window and smirked as she muttered, “Skank.”

Sammy laughed and punched her shoulder. “Whatever, you’re just jealous.”

“Of course I am!” Lydia laughed, hitting Sammy back. “I want a boyfriend with an older brother willing to rent a hotel room for us.”

I shook my head at the two of them. “You guys are disgusting.”

Lydia laughed even harder at that. “Spoken like a true virgin.”

I could feel my face getting hot. “You’re not?” I asked. She shook her head and I suddenly felt embarrassed.

Sammy looked at me strangely in the rear view mirror. “So you and Seth have never…?”

“No,” I said. I could actually feel my face getting redder. “I just met him.”

“Yeah but you guys seem to have a really serious relationship already,” Lydia said. “I mean, he looks at you like he’d throw himself in front of a train for you, and you’re not much better.”

I simply shrugged at that, which didn’t seem to satisfy their curiosity. “How far have you guys gone?” Sammy asked curiously.

“Not that far,” I replied, starting to regret coming with them. I hadn’t realized I had just entered a mobile Loveline of sorts.

“Are you waiting for marriage or something?”

“No,” I replied. I could feel the heat of my blush get even worse as I decided to talk to them about what had happened last night. It would be nice to get someone else’s opinion, and despite what Emma had said, I didn’t really think this was something I could talk to her about. “I don’t know. I think he might be, though.”

“Why?” Lydia looked a little more excited than she should have at the fact that I had finally decided to share.

I shrugged. “I don’t know. It seems like every time I try to, you know, go further, he just pulls away. Like last night… maybe I pushed him a little too far but he seemed just as into it as I was until he took off.”

“No!” Lydia said, looking horrified. “Have you talked to him since then?”

I shook my head. “I’ve been a little bit too embarrassed, to be honest.”

“You really should,” Sammy said. “I mean, he might want to wait but he might be scared of pushing you too far. And he’s younger than you, right?” I nodded. She turned to Lydia and threatened, “If you ever repeat what I’m about to say to anyone, I will break you face, okay?”

Lydia laughed. “There’s no need to get violent.”

Sammy narrowed her eyes at her before turning back to the road. “I had that same problem with Will at first. He was a little insecure about being younger than me and he thought I’d, I don’t know, be appalled at his inexperience and dump him on the spot or something. I don’t think he realized that I was just as new to it as he was.”

I nodded, hoping that was Seth’s problem. It was much better than the alternative of him just not wanting me in that way. It also felt nice being able to talk to the two of them about it. I had been worrying about it almost all night and just getting it out made me feel like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. However, as nice as it was talking about it, I was still relieved when we pulled into the mall parking lot. I felt like I had shared enough about my sex life, and I had definitely heard enough of theirs to last me a lifetime. I noticed a large banner over the main entrance, along with a number of bright balloons. “Did it just open?”

“The grand opening was a couple weeks ago,” Lydia said. “Don’t worry, though, they have a lot of great stores.”

“Uh… okay,” I answered, climbing out of the backseat.

“Yeah, she looked really worried about that,” Sammy said sarcastically.

“Shut up!” Lydia laughed as she pushed her into a parked car.

“So where are we going first?” I asked.

Sammy shrugged. “Lydia has to pick up her dress.”

“But I thought you already had one,” I said, feeling more than a little confused. I distinctly remembered the fifteen-minute description I had gotten of her perfect dress on my first day at Forks High.

She shook her head. “I didn’t have enough money for it when I was here the last time.”

“And now that she’s finally convinced her mom to let her use her credit card, she had to wake me up at the crack of dawn and race over here,” Sammy said.”

“Oh,” I replied, hoping that the store still had the dress lest we witness Lydia having a major meltdown.

I mainly followed them around the giant department store that was a large staple of most malls as they browsed the clothing racks. Lydia had been right about her dress, it was definitely beautiful, but she did her best to get on my nerves by pulling out ones that she thought would look good on me while Sammy rifled through the racks. By the time she had waved what felt like the thirtieth taffeta pink monstrosity in my face, I was ready to punch her. I was able to hold it in, though, and I decided it would be best if I waited for them outside the store.

“This store sucks,” Sammy said, sounding incredibly frustrated as she plopped down next to me on the bench outside the store.

“Definitely,” I agreed, eyeing Lydia warily as she joined us.

However, she was too preoccupied with the people walking out of the Apple store. “Oh my God,” she said, her eyes practically the size of dinner plates. “I didn’t know they were back in town.”

“Who?” I asked curiously while Sammy simply shook her head.

“The Cullens,” Lydia said, nodding toward two women carrying large bags with the Apple logo on them. Much like the three I had met last night, they looked like they had just stepped off a movie screen. One of them was very short, maybe even shorter than me, with short spikey black hair and a certain graceful dance-like movement. The other one was absolutely gorgeous in a swimsuit model kind of way. She had a tall, curvy figure that was clearly visible through her form-fitting clothes and beautiful, curly blonde hair that fell to the middle of her back. Her walk resembled a model’s too, her hips swaying in the same way someone’s would if they were strutting down the runway. The surprise I felt at how absolutely beautiful they were must have shown on my face because Lydia started to laugh. “Yeah, a lot of people seem to have that reaction.”

“Who are they?” I asked. I hadn’t met them but I had heard enough about the Cullens from Seth to know that neither of them were Bella, she would be too crazy with bloodlust to be able to stay in a crowded mall, which meant that they were either Rosalie, Esme or Alice, the fortune teller.

“The small one is Alice. She has the most amazing fashion sense. I swear, she wears original designer pieces before they make it big,” she said, sounding in owe of the faerie-like vampire. “Man, I wish there was some way I could just pick her brain about clothes.”

“And the blonde?”

“Oh, that’s Rosalie,” Lydia said, pursing her lips.

Sammy laughed. “Lydia doesn’t like her.”

“Why not?” I asked curiously.

“Just look at her!” Lydia said, gesturing toward the beautiful blonde as she walked towards the exit. “Do you know how hard it is to get a guy’s attention when she’s in the same room?”

“It’s not like she can help that,” I pointed out, surprised by how shallow her reason was.

“Yeah, and I’m sure that’s why she dresses like that,” she muttered. Then her face brightened and she stood up. “Come on, there’s this cute little dress shop by the food court.”

But I wasn’t ready to let the topic of conversation drop. “So why didn’t you ever talk to her?”


“Alice Cullen,” I said. “I mean, it seems like you would have had a lot in common.”

She laughed at the mere suggestion. “No one just talks to the Cullens.”

“Why not?” They had seemed perfectly nice when I met them, despite the fact that they were vampires. And that couldn’t even be that large of a detriment since Seth, their mortal enemy, liked them so much.

Lydia shrugged. “They kept themselves isolated from everyone until Bella moved here. And by the way she reacted when they left, it seemed like a good thing that everyone had kept their distance.” I raised an eyebrow at her when she didn’t continue, which caused her to start laughing. “Jeez, Liz, I never knew you were such a gossip.”

I shrugged. “Everyone keeps talking about them and it’s made me curious. And Seth hasn’t really been that much help –.”

“Oh yeah,” Lydia said, interrupting me. “He’s friends with Jacob Black, isn’t he?” I nodded. “He must really hate the Cullens.”

“Why?” I asked, thrown off by her assumption.

“Well, when they left, Bella turned into a zombie. It was actually kind of scary. She was dating the youngest one, Edward, and I guess he took her out into the middle of the woods to break up with her and then he just left her there. It took hours to find her. My dad was part of the search party and he said that she was practically catatonic, except she kept muttering ‘He’s gone.’ It took her a week to come back to school, and when she did, it was like she was there but not really, you know?” she explained, stopping only when we entered a small shop full of vintage-looking dresses.

“But what does that have to do with Jacob?” I asked, looking through racks. The dresses were actually all pretty nice, even though I didn’t really have a need for them.

“Well, he was the only one able to make Bella come alive again. It was kind of sweet, really. It seemed like he really liked her… but then the Cullens came back and Bella went right back to Edward as if nothing had happened. Then they got married this summer and moved to Alaska.”

“Poor Jacob,” I said, knowing just how much he had cared about Bella. It had been nice getting the dirt on the Cullens from a non-supernatural being, even if it was just their human charade.

“Yeah,” Lydia said. “I wonder why they’re back.”

“Maybe Bella wanted to see her father for the holidays,” Sammy offered, sounding a little annoyed. It was clear she didn’t enjoy recounting the Cullen’s past as much as Lydia did.

“But why would the whole family come with her?” Lydia asked suspiciously.

“I don’t understand why you care so much,” Sammy shot back.

I tuned their bickering out as I flicked through a rack of dresses, feeling a little guilty that my curiosity caused their fight. I stopped at a dark blue strapless dress and fingered the soft fabric. There was a thick black ribbon that went around the waist and ended in a bow on the right side. A floral lace pattern came out from the black ribbon, lying over the flowy bottom of the dress. I could actually see myself at the stupid dance in this dress, although the second vision I had of dancing with Seth ruined it. The dance wasn’t that far away and who knew what would happen between then and now. Hopefully we would be able to talk by then but there was also a family of deadly vampires coming to Forks. I wasn’t even sure if the town would still be here by the time the winter formal rolled around.

I must have been really lost in my thoughts about the destruction of the town I was actually starting to like because I didn’t notice Lydia coming up behind me. She let out a loud gasp and I actually jumped in the air. “Oh, Liz! That’s perfect!”

Sammy came over to look at it. “That is really nice,” she agreed, smiling encouragingly at me.

“Yeah,” I sighed, putting it back on the rack. It was too bad I didn’t actually have any need for it.

Lydia looked at me as I were crazy. “What are you doing? You should buy it!”

“Why?” I asked. “I don’t need it.”

Lydia actually groaned. “Look, I understand you have this weird thing against dances but you should come! Or else you’re going to end up forty and regretting the fact that you never went to any of your high school formals.”

“I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t be that high up on my list of regrets,” I smirked.

“I don’t get why you dislike them so much,” Sammy said. “I mean, you get to put on a pretty dress and hang out with your friends and Seth for the night. The music leaves a lot to be desired but it’s still a lot of fun!”

I sighed, ready to argue that I’d much rather spend the night doing something that I actually enjoyed when Lydia chimed in. “Just think about it! I mean, I know there’s something else you’d probably rather do but I promise that we will make it fun. So, you know, just say that you’ll at least think about it and we’ll stop bugging you.”

I don’t know why but I was actually starting to actually feel guilty about refusing to go. “Fine,” I said. “I’ll think about it.”

Sammy smiled and patted me on the back before going back to look for her own dress. Lydia, however, did not look completely satisfied. “And you’re buying that dress,” she added, although it sounded more like a demand.

“What?” I said, a little surprised.

“Come on, it’s cute!” she insisted, pulling the hanger off the clothing rack. “And besides, if you do decide to go, you’ll need something to wear.”

“And if I decide not to go?”

She shrugged. “There’s a thirty day return policy.”

“Oh, fine,” I sighed. She gave me a wide smile and I felt like I had just given up much more than I meant to.

And I had. Despite the fact that I insisted that I was only thinking about going to the dance, Lydia still dragged me around the mall so I could buy shoes and accessories to go with the dress. The whole time, I had the strangest feeling that we were being followed. Obviously, I was losing my damn mind. I was incredibly relieved when we finally decided to grab some food and go home. I mean, I had had a good time with them but I was really upset with myself. I couldn’t believe I had let one moment of weakness allow Lydia to strong-arm me into going to this stupid dance. I could only hope that whatever was going on between Seth and I would be over by then so it wouldn’t be that bad.

The reception I got at home didn’t really make me feel much better. Emma wasn’t even upset at the fact that I was home much later than I said I would be when she noticed the large garment bag I was holding. “So you decided to go after all?” she asked, the large smile on her face only seemed to upset me more.

“Uh… yeah. I guess so,” I said, trying to figure out a way to get out of there quickly without seeming rude.

“Do you want me to heat you up some steak?” she asked as I gave her the credit card.

“No, we ate at the mall, but thanks,” I replied. “Actually, I’m really tired so I think I’m just going to go to bed.”

“Alright,” she nodded. “Goodnight.”

I gave her a small smile and made to leave the living room before stopping in the doorway. My curiosity was eating me up and there was no way I would get any sleep if I didn’t have the answer. Despite that, I was a little wary of asking it because I knew Emma would turn it into some huge thing. “Did Seth call?” I asked, my voice low and frankly, pathetic. She shook her head and my heart fell.

“Lizzie, are you sure everything’s okay?” Her voice was full of concern and it almost made me want to tell her everything. At least until I realized that she would probably lose her shit when she found out I had snuck him into my bedroom.

“Yeah,” I said, plastering a giant, fake smile on my face. “Everything’s fine, Aunt Emma. Night!” I raced up the stairs after that, trying not to slam the door behind me when I got to my room. I had wanted to call Seth so badly all day but if he was perfectly fine with not talking about what happened then I was too. I quickly changed into my pajamas, the warm flannel ones since I knew Seth wasn’t coming, and got into bed, desperate to just not think.


When I found myself in the clearing again, however, I wished I had made myself call Seth. I would have preferred being the incredibly pathetic girl that had to beg her boyfriend to spend time with her over having these stupid nightmares.

The format of this one was different, though. I was standing in the trees at the side of the clearing and it seemed like no one knew I was there. Of course, this could have been because there appeared to be a full-out war happening right in front of me. There were a good twenty-five vampires in the clearing. I could see Demetri and another vampire fighting with the familiar sandy wolf, along with two other wolves, one chocolate brown and the other black. Carlisle and Jasper Cullen were fighting two burly vampires with olive complexions, their movements almost too fast for my eyes to see. The terrifying little girl was there, her eyes locked on Edward Cullen, who was lying on the ground, twitching in pain. There was another small child, a boy, that was fighting with a beautiful brunette. A russet wolf was trying to keep a toddler with curly bronze hair away from the fight, although it didn’t seem to be working. Rosalie and a curly-haired vampire were ripping the arms off a dark-haired woman. Another woman with caramel-colored hair and a missing hand and a grey wolf were circling a man in a dark grey cloak. And there were pieces of other vampires, along with three different wolves, lying motionless on the ground.

Despite all the chaos, I heard a loud whine and I knew instinctively that it was Seth. When I turned back to where he was fighting, my knees gave out and I fell to the ground. Demetri had him around the middle, almost as if he was hugging him, and I could see the muscles in his arms flexing as he attempted to literally squeeze the life out of my boyfriend. “No,” I muttered as I scrambled to my feet and tried to walk into the clearing. But every time I made my way through the trees, more sprung up in front of me as if they were multiplying, or maybe I was just moving backwards. There was a loud yelp, and then Demetri threw Seth’s motionless body to the ground.

“No!” I yelled. It took me a few seconds to realize I was back in my dark bedroom. I was sitting up in my bed, although I had no idea how I had done that, and I was covered in sweat. “Shit,” I muttered, putting my head in my hands. I didn’t think I would ever be able to forget the things I had just seen. Even though it was just a dream, it had been so incredibly realistic that thinking about it made me nauseous. I knew it was the middle of the night but there was no way I would be able to fall back asleep now. In fact, I didn’t think I would ever be able to sleep again. I leaned over and turned on the small lamp on my nightstand, figuring I would be able to finish my English essay by the time Emma got up.

And that was when I noticed the vampire sitting across from me.
Tags: fan fiction, fic: impossible, oc, seth clearwater, twilight
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